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  1. I found this book very hard to read the context is quite depressing at first but it does brighten up after a while. my favourite part was when the girl fell in love but who with you? will have to read to find out

  2. Hey Bloggers,
    So I’m not that far through the book (not even half way!) but I would recommend this to everyone. It really opens your eyes to the world around us and how it used to be. Not going to say much more you need to find out yourselves by reading this amazing novel.
    Bye for now xx

  3. not at all what I expected it to be guess you really cant judge a book by its cover. I would have never guessed it was about racisism after the American civil war.

  4. Hello there! Francis again.

    I haven’t read the whole book yet, but I am going to try to create a satisfactory review nonetheless.

    First things first, this book does contain a l0t of profanity (swears, ect.) Although I do knot personally care about these things, if you do get easily offended you should probably read with caution.

    The book is has a brilliant plot, and is quite heart warming at times.

    I will write more when I know more,


  5. Hi Guys I think that this book has lots of racist words in it.
    I didn’t enjoy this book but I gave it a try.
    Others really enjoyed this but I didn’t.
    If you didn’t read this book please give it a go as it is very interesting for some.

  6. Hello!

    A lot of people have said that I’ve been blogging spoilers and I’m really sorry about that!
    I’ll try not to say everything after every 2 pages… I’ll bog at every 2 chapters…. Maybe?

    Bookwurm blogger, blogging soon

  7. I finished this book a few days ago and it was one of the best books I have ever read! Its fiction but about something that really used to happen!

  8. I have read this book and personally think its one of the best books I have ever read. It is a eye opener and its quite deep really.

  9. This book was amazing! I really enjoyed reading it but wouldn’t recommend it to younger readers because it has strong language and sensitive topics. Otherwise it’s really interesting.

  10. This book is astounding.

    The way it describes the hardships a girl at that time faced is amazing. It also gives her an added problem, as well as her being black in at a time of social stigma.

    It’s truly a great book, and I would recommend it to everyone! 🙂

  11. Hey 🙂
    I read this book to the end it is an amazing read. It made me go through many emotions and it opened my eyes to what black people really had to go through. Yes, the language may be rude for younger readers but it is not that bad. The book has some ups and downs and many cliffhangers. But it also shows that feelings are something you can’t ignore!
    Seren at WIA

    • I see what you mean but this is what it would have been like so I think the author was right to include it as it helps put it into perspective.

  12. haven’t started this book yet but I’m really looking forward to!!!

    Thank you to everyone who has reviewed this has really got me interested and I want to read it now

  13. My first book was Lies we tell ourselves. I like the book because it is an interesting read . It is all about the battle of civil rights and one of the two main characters is a girl who is part of a group of black people who go to a white school. It is a really good book based of a true story.

  14. I think the books lies we tell ourselves is a good book for some people. Personally i’m not a big fan of it whereas some of my friends like it a lot. The reason I didn’t like it is because it was predictable and a bit boring.

  15. Hello!

    I chose to read “Lies we tell ourselves” because it seemed like a book I would enjoy.
    However, as I was a few chapters into the book, I realised it was not for me.

    Reason 1: This book has a lot of strong language and is not aimed for younger students like us.

    Reason 2: This book covers a lot of serious real life issues and is not meant for us because we my not be able to understand the reality of these situations and that may ruin the book for some.

    I am not saying this is a bad book, not at all, but its isn’t my type of book because I like more action type books.


    • I can see where you’re coming from :-). However, I think that having a real situation is perfect for these year groups,m as it shows what has happened in real life. Unfortunately, real life is often quite serious and sometimes you just have to deal with it.

    • To be honest I don’t really mind the strong language. Also I think the reason the author chose for the book to focus on a lot of real life issues is to show us that life isn’t easy and so we must work hard. However I do know where you are coming from though 😀

    • While this book may not be for you, Josh, I feel you shouldn’t dismiss these issues as not being ‘meant for us’ when they were very real and worth us younger generations knowing about. Rather than choosing to gloss over these as not being suitable for us, it’s worth acknowledging them to understand the hardships these people went through. As for ‘not being aimed for younger students’ the main characters are young people, making it even easier to relate to them, not alienating us like you seem to feel. Everybody is entitled to their own opinion, and while I can see what you are trying to say, I personally disagree and believe us young people should be made aware these issues, as they are still going on today.

  16. Really heart-breaking. I wish it could NEVER end. 10/10. However, it is not directed at year 7s because of its strong language. I really like the characters especially Linda and Ruth. I also like how the author makes it seem so real and makes you question life in 1959.

    • I understand what you’re saying about the strong language, but don’t you hear it everyday in school? Maybe it’s just my school hahaha

  17. Hey there!

    On pages 56-57, Sarah goes to the Ladies toilets to clean up the milk, where a few girls run out when she enters. She is surprised when the toilet paper is soft, softer than the rough stuff at home. She can’t completely clean it up, and the chapter ends with a few tears…

    Bookwurm blogger, blogging soon

    • Hi there – I really want to read this book and your blogs are great but unfortunately I think they contain a few too many spoilers. Can you try and not reveal as much please?

      Samuel @ Marlwood

      • I agree, perhaps just doing a book-by-book review would be better than doing a chapter-by-chapter one? I find your blogs amazing, but I don’t want people to be put off if they accidentally read spoilers.

  18. Hey again

    On pages 54-55, Sarah, Ennis and Chuck are talking about their college they would like to go to. Sarah and Ennis want to go to a college called Howard, whereas Chuck wants to go to Virginia State college. Suddenly, Ennis leaves to dump his food waste in the bin, and a white blonde girl starts talking to him. The whole cafeteria goes silent and watches. Then, a group of white boys push Sarah hard into the table, and spill milk down her back…

    Bookwurm blogger, blogging after the next 2 pages

  19. Hi again,

    On pages 52-53, Sarah talks about her first boyfriend and how she feels weird when she remembers things like kissing and holding hands (her and her boyfriend aren’t still together.)
    Ennis starts to explain about the girl Sarah back chatted to, Linda Hairston. Linda’s father is Sarah’s father’s boss. Sarah is worried that she had put her father’s job in danger – she should be more cautious towards Linda…

    Bookwurm blogger, blogging after the next 2 pages

  20. Hi, I’ve read 2 more pages

    On pages 50-51, Sarah is worrying about her little sister Ruth. Ennis tells Sarah where he saw her, so Sarah stops worrying. Chuck finally shows up, but was he late because he fought his way through the racist students?…

    Bookwurm blogger, blogging after the next 2 pages

  21. Hi, I’ve read 2 more pages in Lie#4 (chapter 4)

    On pages 48-49, Sarah has grabbed her lunch and sits at the end of the row of a table in the canteen. About 30 people stood up around her, claiming Sarah smelt, and moved away.
    Ennis came over soon after a girl screamed when she saw him. Ennis sat next to Sarah…

    Bookwurm blogger, blogging after the next 2 pages

  22. Hi, I’ve read 2 pages in Lie #4 (chapter 4)

    On pages 46-47, Sarah Dunbar meets one of the janitors, Mr Muse, who is one of her’s or her father’s friends. He is also black, and disrespected by the white students at Jefferson High. When Sarah calls him ‘Sir’, one of the white girls in the lunch queue behind her mimics her and humiliates the janitor…

    Bookwurm blogger, blogging after the next 2 pages

  23. Hello again!

    I’m now going to blog after every 2 pages I read

    Bookwurm blogger, blogging after the next 2 pages

  24. Hello (after a while of not blogging)

    I have to admit I haven’t been reading the book as much as I would’ve liked…. Oops!
    I will blog and read asap!

    Bookwurm blogger, blogging soon

  25. Very good book, I really enjoyed reading it.
    It follows the story of a girl who is one of the first black students at a school, set in 1959. I found it quite shocking how they were treated when they only wanted to get a good education and have a better future.
    Sarah, one of the main characters, gets put in a group project with the daughter of one of of the main segregation newspaper writers.
    Its a really good book and follows a slightly unusual for that time relationship
    Very. Good. Book

    • The treatment they received was appalling. It’s strange tot think that such unfairness was ever allowed, let alone encouraged!

  26. I have only just started reading this book but I am really enjoying it. It has a lot of depth to it. It also has a deep story line. I would recommend this to older people because of some of the language it contains. #really like it.

  27. I think this book is amazing because it has lots of modern day issues such as racism that we should always be aware of especially if we see it and what we could do to prevent them. Lies we tell ourselves is an amazing, intriguing book for people who want to be more knowledgeable about the world in that time. Just a pointer, I would not like to be in that time. Robin Talley is a talented author!

    Bye for now!

  28. I am loving this book. I have nearly finished it in a just over a week. I am really excited to read the end of it. Even the cover hooks me in.

  29. omg this book is ‘unputdownable’!!!!!!!! lies we tell ourselves is such an emotional book that will hook you in straight away. i just know one thing-i would NOT like to be in those times right now- racism was such a huge issue in 1959. you had to be really brave to stand up for yourself or- if you were a white person- to stand up to the Negroes. i have read all the book (and beetle boy and carjacked) . i would definitely

  30. Lies we tell ourselves is a very fascinating book which gives all readers a very good insight into the racism which happens in 1959 and how bad things were then . Its heart touching and uplifting and can get any reader hooked onto it immediately that’s why I would recommend it to anyone.

  31. Lies we tell ourselves is really interesting. It took me a couple of chapters, but finally, I really got into it. It is really interesting to see what life was like in 1959.

  32. I read all of Lies We Tell Ourselves and it is my favourite book so far ( I have also read house of secrets /strong>and murder most unladylike). I thought it was written really well and even though it isn’t my usual genre of book, I couldn’t stop reading it. At different points in the story it is written from Sarah, Linda and Ruth’s perspective and the book makes you think about how horrible that time actually was.
    Charlotte, Brimsham Green School

  33. I have finished this book now and it was amazing!! I really enjoyed it as it was touching, exciting, tense and you could really feel what each character was feeling. I live the way that the author has included extracts from different key characters in the book as it gives you different sides of the story and you get to find out how everyone is feeling in the book. I recommend this book to anyone however the language is a bit strong for younger readers.

  34. I am really enjoying this book!!
    I won’t give to much away but it really makes you think about what life was like back then and how bad racism was at that time. You can really build your own opinions about the different characters as you see them from two different sides of the story.
    I recommend this book to anyone as it makes you hooked as soon as you pick it up!!
    Let me know what you think of it

    • Hello

      I read this book and could not put it down. I did not think I would enjoy it as it seemed very serious, however this has been my favourite book so far. It was a very intense read, horrific and certainly an eye opener.

  35. This book is amazing! it makes you get hooked straight away and I cant stop reading! I think this will be my favourite book that I will read in these book awards. it is very touching too and makes you think about what it was like for some people at a certain time. I like the way they have written the book from two different character’s sides of the story because they have such different opinions and it makes you think that the “bad” character might not actually be that bad on the inside.

  36. Hello!

    Recently, I haven’t read much of the book but I am glad other people have! Post who your favorite character is and explain why and soon I will post opinions on my favorite character, so get posting!

    Bookwurm blogger, blogging soon

  37. Hello!

    I like the fact that it is different yet you can relate it to the real world. It really makes you think about the world. It looks like it could teach you lots o things that need changing in today’s society.

    Bye for now.

  38. I have just started this book and I agree with what some people are saying. I am instantly glued to it from what happened in the first chapter and the blurb!!

  39. I have only read the first page and already I’m hooked. It builds up tension inside you in just seconds of starting reading the book. I have a feeling that I will finish this book quickly, as I don’t think I will be able to put it down.

  40. I picked up this book as my eyes were hooked to the front cover as soon as I picked it up. I read the blurb and it sounds like the type of book that I would enjoy. I am excited to read it and hopefully I have the same impression when I read it as I did when I picked it up.

  41. hi this is probably one of the best books I have read yet as it really show how bad racial discrimination was in the 50’s. I have read all of it but won’t ruin the ending for you. its for more older readers as it contains a lot of language. Personally my favorite chapter is chapter 2 as i love how it is all described but also how it is so sad that it almost makes you cry. Amazing read hope you enjoy;) bye for now

  42. Hello again,

    This books title sounds very interesting and unique. The front cover makes me want to begin the first chapter to see what its about. The blurb explains that she is quite different from everyone else and that no one wants her there.

    The first chapter is called LIE#1 there’s no need to be afraid.
    It shows that no one wants her at her new school wants her to be there because she is the first black person there.
    In this chapter there is some strong language.

    The second chapter is called LIE#2
    i’m sure i’m doing the right thing
    In this chapter it shows how everyone reacts when she is in a large crowd or in a classroom and being the only black person she feels neglected and alone

    This is a great book and i recommend it to slightly older children and people as it contains some strong language

    Goodbye for now

  43. Hello again!
    This blog post is about the first chapter of ‘Lies We Tell Ourselves.’

    The first chapter is called ‘Lie #1 There’s no need to be afraid.’ Each chapter is a lie to Sarah, the main character. In this chapter Sarah and her friends are walking up to their new school, ‘Jefferson High.’ The only problem is that they are new black NAACP students from somewhere in Africa. The story is set in 1959, the age of the battle for civil rights. I have started reading this book as you know, and am on Lie #3. I will update you soon on Chapter 2 after someone replies to me and says they have read up to Chapter 3. Please read and i will blog soon.

    Bookwurms blogger, blogging soon.

  44. Hello again!
    My first post was just a tester (sorry!) Now, on with the Concorde book award book!

    I chose to read ‘Lies We Tell Ourselves’ by Robin Talley. So far I have read 3 chapters and I quite enjoy it because of the emotions going through the main character’s (Sarah) head.
    The front cover looked interesting and after I had read the blurb, I was glued to the book. I would recommend this book to people who enjoy learning about black history.

    I will keep you updated as I carry on throughout the book. Enjoy and bye for now!

    • I feel very similar about the book Hannah. I cannot wait to read it and your post has really made a difference with how I really want to read it. You have definitely persuaded me to start reading it right now.

      I agree that the blurb glues you to the book. The minute I started reading it I knew that it was a book for me. I would definitely recommend it.

      Bye for now.

      • I’m glad you enjoy the start of this book. I recommend you carry on reading!!

        Bookwurm blogger, blogging soon

      • Hi! After reading this comment I think I will make this my next book to read as it sounds quite interesting! I will post again once I have read the first few chapters! 😀

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